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St Catherine
Life After Death: The Lazarus Effect (Podcast Source)
Could more lives be saved if resuscitation techniques were tweaked? Dr. Sam Parnia became interested in resuscitation science in the early stages of his medical training. He details some of the advances in resuscitation, like the use of ice and icy saline that can optimise recovery for both the body and the brain, in his new book The Lazarus Effect.
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Near Death Experience (NDE)


Life After Death — 2 Comments

  1. Our current Bible Study’s subject matter is “Life After Death.” In one of our conversations, we discussed our visions of Heaven. Everyone had their own ideas of what we would find there and they varied tremendously. Most of the conversations started with “When I die and go to Heaven . . . ” and then the descriptions came.

    Mine, however differed from their’s. I couldn’t get passed “When I die . . . ” I felt like something was missing. It was a place called purgatory. I am not anywhere near being like Blessed Mother Theresa so I knew I better find out what purgatory was all about. So, this begins the “Study of Purgatory.” Click here for information on the book that will be the source of our study.

  2. Understanding Chapter 1:

    St. Catherine of Genoa was taken to purgatory when she was still alive. While she was there, her soul was cleansed from the sins she committed, allowing her to ascend directly into the Kingdom of Heaven at the time of her death. When she was in purgatory, she became aware of the condition of her soul and understood the reason why she needed to be cleansed. After reading the chapter, I tried to understand the description of her “tainted and rusty” soul caused by the sins she had committed in her lifetime.

    I thought of a brand new car. After it was purchased and taken off of the showroom floor, it’s owner never took care of that car, i.e., never changing the cruddy oil, no tune-ups, never washing it, crashing it, never replacing the tires, no new oil filters, never fixed a broken generator or transmission etc., it would be worn out, broken down, and useless. Nothing could be done with it except to send it to the junk yard to make scrap metal out of it. However, if it was taken care of properly, it could be refurbished and usable again. Imagine the car as being our soul, the junk yard was hell, the refurbishing was purgatory, and when made new again, ready for Heaven.

    The owner of the car would make the decision as to what he/she would do with the car, just as our Lord will determine how tainted and rusty our souls are and where we belong after our bodies die.

    God breathed life into us and with that life came a soul. How we live our lives determines the condition of it. How tainted, rusty and dented are our souls, caused by the sins we have committed? Are we scrap metal or . . . can we be saved?

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