Lent / Day 4

There is no going back! Yesterday is gone forever. Tomorrow  may never come. We only have today.  So, let’s begin to work on ourselves today.

Finding a starting point is hard to do! Do we work harder? Like not sleeping in on a cold winter morning so we can finish a chore we’ve been neglecting for months. Do we give up “something?”  Like all the old cloths that we don’t wear anymore and taking them to the Salvation Army or Hospice.  Do we do something nice for a friend, or . . . a stranger? Like baking a cake and taking it to a friend’s home or buying a case of food and taking it to the soup kitchen. Let’s make a commitment to do something charitable, not just for a day or forty days but for a lifetime. One day at a time!


We begin with focusing on our Heavenly Father.

“Lord, I am sorry for disappointing and for hurting you. I am sorry for neglecting you, thinking that I don’t need you and that I can live my life without your help. I want to be a better person and I can be, only with your love and guidance. I know I am weak against temptation, make me stronger with your love.  Help me to know the difference between right and wrong. And when I fall, forgive me, Lord, lift me up and guide me forward, straight into your arms. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Now, on a piece of paper, write:

The commitment I make today is to ____________________________________________________________________.

Tape it on your bathroom mirror (or carry it in your wallet) until you know you won’t forget it.

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