Lent / Day 3


The serpent in the Garden of Eden fooled Eve into thinking she could know everything God knew. That is why they were removed from Paradise. She decided not to follow God’s commandment; they were NOT suppose to eat from the tree of knowledge. But she wasn’t satisfied with all that was given to them, she wanted more. She wanted it all!

How are we like Eve? Do we also “want it all?” Beautiful new cars, big new homes, expensive vacation trips, designer cloths, big bank accounts, all the latest toys and gadgets? Don’t be fooled! God doesn’t judge us by how we look or how much we own. He cares about how much we love Him and how much we love our neighbors. Spend some time in prayer. Spend some time doing charitable works. And if it gets too hard, ask Him for His help and He will bless you, which is more satisfying than all the wealth in the world.

And if we can’t . . . or don’t . . . or won’t, then the devil wins . . . . .

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