Lent / Day 1

The beginning of anything takes planning, actions and commitment! Without them, we are looking at failure. We cannot fail! We will not fail! The loss is too great!

How can we make ourselves better in the eyes of God? It begins with a four letter word . . . . . LOVE! But saying that we love God is not enough. We have to “feel” it, with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength.

The sole purpose of the existence of the devil is to keep us away from our Heavenly Father. It begins in Genesis, Chapter 3:1-24. Eve was tempted and gave into the what the devil was telling her, she could be as great as God. Did we learn by her mistake? No, and it gets worse every day. But temptation can never win over the love God is willing to give His people. We only have to ask for His love, forgiveness, kindness, protection and guidance and we will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

We can make ourselves more pleasing to God. Thank Him for every breath we take, every thought we have, the food that we eat, our loved ones, because without His help, we would not even exist, in body or soul. Pray!! Anywhere, anytime, out loud, silently, in your thoughts. Pray for hours or pray with one word. Pray with prayers you have memorized or pray with words from your thoughts. Pray with happiness, with a sigh or a smile. Pray with love!

You cannot know someone intimately if there is no communication, no feeling, no connection. Today we PRAY longer, harder, deeper and with feeling. Today we connect to God!

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