My Journey Home!

Today, “my sweet Jesus,” I begin my journey home . . . . to you!

going homeI pack up all my memories and experiences and I go forward. My GPS is the Holy Spirit and my fuel is the grace I fill up with along the way. I look for signs; detours around road hazards that may stop my journey. It may be an illness, or a loss of a family member or a negative force that wants to steer me in the wrong direction; a temptation so powerful that it is hard to resist. I focus on You and I carry my cross and say, “I can do this, Lord! I must do this, because at the end, I will find you!”

I am not alone. Your love will carry me home. Even though, I know that I will lose faith and hope along the way and sometimes I will act like a selfish fool and I will stumble and fall, but I ask forgiveness and try again. You will not let me fall into the depths of hell. Because, I believe in “You” and Your promise of salvation, Your death and resurrection. I believe in Your forgiveness of sin. I feel Your love and it brings tears into my eyes because I am not worthy to have someone so pure, so good, so powerful, so loving, so omnipotent, even know that I exist, much less give His life up for me, so that I may live with Him in Heaven.

Come with me, Lord! Push me! Pull me! Carry me! Drag me!  Guide me! Forgive me when I doubt! Show me the way, because I know I cannot do it without You. Help me go home to you. Amen!


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  1. Our amazing friend and her husband have shown us so much grace and love. I would look at her and say “wow that is how I want to be and love and think of Jesus all the time.” I’m doing my best and her husband giving the time with our son, amazing!!! My family is so amazing and is so amazed and not afraid from Faith Formation, we love you. Annabelle is 13 years old and loves all her older friends. WOW, we are amazed. I sit here and cry from this beautiful prayer you have written, wouldn’t expect anything less from such a beautiful person who serves The Lord so gracefully!! We love you.

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