Giving It All Up!

Cross sWould you . . . . . could you . . . . . give up your life so that someone else could live? Never mind what kind of life they lived, be it saint or sinner, how would you know???  Would you give up your child? Watch him be humiliated, scourged, crucified and then, watch him take his last breath?  Could you?  If someone did that for me – “and God did” – I would need no more proof that he truly and unconditionally loved me!”

So why is it so hard for me to carry my daily burdens without complaining or resenting them? It’s because of my pride, my laziness, my ignorance, my selfishness, my prejudices, my hatefulness towards others.  I need to do better!  I want to do better, but I am weak and I am flawed.  Today, I must forget what I did in the past and start working on the future, because God asks this of me, so that his son did not die in vane. I will be a better person, not because of the rewards of Heaven and the pains of Hell, but because Jesus gave his life for me! Because he “loves” me and because I love Him back. Nothing will stop me from trying to do the right things, because I know God is with me, to help me pick up the pieces.  With God by my side, “all things are possible!”

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