Daily Morning Prayer

imageDid you know . . . that starting your morning off with God is the “key” to the strength and success of your day? Without the sun, there is no day. Without God in your day, there is no compass to lead you in the right direction. Why is it that when we take a car trip across country, we depend on GPS to lead us to our destination, but we don’t ask God’s help to guide us through the trials and tribulations of the day? So many things get in the way of making the day a success; a bad encounter with a friend or acquaintance, a fender bender, heavy traffic, a quarrel with a child that refuses to respect you, you are fighting a terminal illness, your body is damaged, you are running short of living expenses, and on, and on, and on. The list is endless!! You are lost in despair and feel like giving up! We have all been there, time and time again.

It all would have made our day successful if we had “just let go, and let God carry us through the day.

My precious Lord and Savior, I need you in my daily life, to guide me through the maze of the day. I cannot do it by myself, Lord! I am weak, in body and soul. I cannot handle all the disappointments and sorrows of the day. I need your strength to lift me up and help me cope with all the burdens I carry with me each and every day. Heal my body, so that I can continue to do the work of helping others. If that is not your will, Lord, give me the strength to carry the crosses given to me to bear, with humility and understanding. I know that at the end, you will have mercy on me, a sinner, and if I do all that you ask of me, you will carry me through the gates of heaven. Like a new born baby, I cry for help and like our ever loving Father, you will lift me up, show me the way, and comfort me.

Be with me, Jesus, in unity with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I pray, amen

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