The Holy One!

HOLY . . . because Christ is Holy, Sacred, therefore, the Church is Holy. So, are we the church? One with God? Isn’t this what “this” is all about? To be ONE with GOD?

ONE . . . in Christ; Christ is God; I in Him and Him in me.

Isn’t GOD perfect in every way? All LOVE? ALL knowing? ALL powerful? Omnipotent? All merciful? If yes to all of the above, how do we fit in? How can we belong? Or can we belong by just saying that we do? “I am Catholic,” therefore I am the CHURCH and the Church is Holy.
How can I be a sinner, which I am, and still call myself Holy? I can not! And I would be lying to myself and others when I say I belong to the Catholic Church. Even though I try not to sin: by not lying, not getting angry, not being greedy or lazy or judgmental, not having pride, not being jealous, not eating too much! “The 7 Deadly Sins” are constantly hindering my efforts to be Holy. God knows this fight that I’m fighting and gave me the armor to protect me . . . . the “Holy Spirit!”

I take this armor off and I get weak, vulnerable, and injured. I lose focus on the ONE and at this point, it doesn’t matter if I say I am a Catholic and belong to the Church, God knows where I stand and I cannot fool Him. Soon, I start believing what I want to believe instead of the truth and I stop my journey towards knowing God and learning to love Him more each day.

I cannot allow this to happen to me! Jesus gave His life to make sure that I follow Him to His kingdom in Heaven. He showed me how much He loved me by suffering and dying on the cross to save me from my sins. He also gave me free will to make up my own mind as to how I will live my life.  I can learn to love Him more by making Him the center of my life or, I can stay blind to what He has to offers me when I die. If I die “blind,” I will never see the face of God . . .



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